Ares FPS old news


-11 September 2006

Ares 0.3 release with new very nice features. Here are some of these:

-Specular highlights!!!!
-Improve enemy A.I.
-Improve H.U.D.


-2 new weapons (punch and riffle)
-1 new kind of enemy (zombie)
-1 new levels (graveyard.aresm2 and tombs.aresm2)
-A sound is emitted, the screen become red for a little time and the weapon
go back when it is hitted
-Scripting provided by LUA to modify the game in real time
-Possibility to choose weapon with mouse wheel (if exist)
-More realistic jump
-Munitions,armours and medikits personalizable (see the complete list for more detail)
-Completely new level editor (using MFC)
-New sounds
-Make the game more easy

For a complete list, please click here


-6 August 2006

Release 4 preview screenshots of Ares 0.3. To see them, click on the button "Screen-shots" on the right. I also release Ares 0.3 changes list preview. To see it, click here


-10 June 2006

Ares 0.2a release


-6 June 2006

Ares 0.2 release


-9 March 2006

Ares 0.1a release


-23 February 2006

Ares 0.1 release